Sodium bicarbonate


Sodium bicarbonate State Standard 2156-76

Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) NaHCO3 is a crystal white colour powder easily decomposed evolving carbon dioxide.  

The product distinctive feature is its soft alkalinity causing no harmful effect on animal or plant tissues.


  • Chemical industry – in production of colourants, foam plastics and some other organic materials, fluoride agents, household products, fire-extinguisher fillers, for separation of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide out of gas mixtures, in production of up-to-date ecologically safe household Goods (detergents, several cleaning means);
  • Food industry – bakery, confectionery products, beverages; 
  • Consumer industry – in production of sole rubber and synthetic leather, leather making industry (taning and neutralization); in textile industry (silk and cotton cloths); 
  • In medical and pharmaceutical industries – production of various antiseptics, injection solutions, untitubercular agents and antibiotics;
  • Nonferrous industry – in precipitation of rare earth metals and ore cleaning; 
  • Agriculture in fodder production; 
  • Rubbish recycling plants – in flue gas cleaning systems; 
  • Cosmetology – production of bath salts; 
  • Retail business.


  • Polypropylene woven bags including polyethylene insert, 25 and 50 kg;
  • Specialized disposable containers of big-bag type weighing 1 ton max;
  • 0.5 kg carton, in shrinkable film by 30 packs (15 kg post package).
Internal market terms of shipment (INCOTERMS – 2010):

- FCA Krasnoperekopsk station. Crimean r.w. (station code 869501); 
СРТ consignee r.w. station; 
ЕХW ex-works (Buyer’s vehicles).

Export market product shipment terms (INCOTERMS – 2010):

- DAP border-crossing station; 
- CFR destination port; 
- FCA free carrier (Buyer’s vehicles).

Sodium Bicarbonate Quality Indices 
Baking Soda
St.Standard 2156-76

Item Norm
 1. Outward Appearance Crystal white colour powder, odourless
 2. Sodium bicarbonate mass fraction, %, no less 99,0*
 3. Sodium bicarbonate mass fraction, %, no more 0,7*
 4. Chlorides mass fraction expressed as NaCI, %, no more 0,04*
 5. Mass fraction of arsenium (As) Conforms to St.Standard requirements (P.3.7)
 6. Mass fraction of  substances insoluble in water, %, no more Conforms to St.Standard requirements (P.3.8)
 7. Mass fraction of ferrum (Fе), %, no more 0,005*
 8. Mass fraction of calcium (Са), %, no more 0,05
 9. Mass fraction of sulfates expressed as SО4-2, %, no more 0,02
 10. Mass fraction of moisture, %, no more 0,2
 11. Mass fraction of heavy metals expressed as Pb2+, %, no more 0,0005
 *- expressed as dry substance

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