Sodium bicarbonate

Baking Soda

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Food additive: sodium bicarbonate E500 (ii) (baking soda) GOST 32802-2014

Food additive: sodium bicarbonate E500 (ii) (baking soda, NaHCO3) is a white crystalline powder which easily decomposes, releasing carbon dioxide.

A distinctive feature of the product is its mild alkaline properties, which do not have a harmful effect on animal and plant tissues.


  • chemical industry - for the production of dyes, foams and other organic products, fluoride reagents, household chemicals, fillers in fire extinguishers, for the separation of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide from gas mixtures (gas is absorbed in a solution of hydrocarbonate at high pressure and low temperature, the solution is restored at heating and reduced pressure);
  • production of modern, environmentally friendly household chemical goods (washing powders, various cleaning products);
  • food industry - used in bakery, confectionery, beverage preparation;
  • light industry - in the production of sole rubber and artificial leather, leather industry (tanning and neutralization of leather), textile industry (finishing silk and cotton fabrics);
  • medical, pharmaceutical industry - production of various antiseptics for the preparation of injection solutions, anti-tuberculosis drugs and antibiotics;
  • non-ferrous metallurgy - in the precipitation of rare earth metals and ore flotation;
  • agriculture - used for the production of feed;
  • waste recycling enterprises - used in flue gas cleaning systems;
  • cosmetology - production of bath salts;
  • retail trade.


  • polypropylene stitched bags with a polyethylene liner weighing 25 kg or 50 kg;
  • specialized containers for single use, type MKR, weighing no more than 1 ton;
  • in cardboard packs weighing 0.5 kg, in shrink wrap, 30 packs (15 kg package).

Terms of shipment of products supplied to the domestic market (INCOTERMS - 2020):

  • FCA st. Krasnoperekopsk of the Crimean Railway (station code 869501);
  • CPT railway consignee station;
  • FCA ex-works (motor transport).

Terms of shipment of products supplied for export (INCOTERMS - 2020):

  • CPT railway border crossing station;
  • CFR destination port;
  • FCA ex works (motor transport).

Food additive qualitative indicators:
sodium bicarbonate E500 (ii) (food soda)GOST 32802-2014

Indicator Name Characteristic (indicator value)
1. Appearance, color White crystalline powder or colorless crystals
2. Odor Odorless
3. Sodium test Withstands the test
4. Carbonate test Withstands the test
5. Mass fraction of the main substance calculated on a dry basis, % E500 (ii), not less 99.0
6. Mass fraction of losses during drying, % E500 (ii), no more 0.25
7. pH of an aqueous solution of sodium bicarbonate (E500 (ii)) mass fraction 1%, units pH 8.0 – 8.6
8. Test for water-insoluble substances for E500 (ii) Withstands the test
9. Ammonium salt test for E500 (ii) Withstands the test
Note - The content of toxic elements (arsenic, lead, mercury) in baking soda should not exceed the standards established by the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 029/2012 "Safety requirements for food additives, flavorings and technological aids" (arsenic should not be more than 3, 0 mg / kg, lead should not be more than 5.0 mg / kg, mercury should not be more than 1.0 mg / kg).


Test report No. 015548-23

Certificate of Conformity HACCP No. HCC-RU-АБ89-К-00403-23

Certificate of Conformity HACCP No. POCC RU. КРТ1.Б00001-23

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